Who we are!

We are a family of five, always looking for new adventures!
Our family consists of myself, my husband Joel, our children Paloma (18), Pablo (15) and Jowell (7) and we can’t forget are dogs, Teddy and Blue.
We all work together on every project we have, some people called them business, for we are new adventures to have a better future!
 We are an art and craft family, so we love to create things with our hands. When we started NYSavingSpecials, the idea was to teach others how to use coupons to save on their trips to the market, pharmacy. etc.  Gradually we become more like an advertising company, promotion companies and other bloggers like us. Today, we are starting two new projects, our jewelry business and our shirts with hand-made drawings. Keep visiting our stores and of course this blog Thank you for your support.  Melissa, Joel, Paloma, Pablo and Jowell